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Full Version: Gone for a while
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Hello, my life is finally a little less busier, good to catch up on whats going on on here. I'll be inspired again!!! Working in a night club and taking santa photos drains you slightly!!
Hey Danielle.. good to see you again!

Taking santa photos? Like at a shopping centre or something? Big Grin
Yeah, I was the standby person and someone quit so I have to fill in the spots! so if I'm not at my other job till 4am I'm doing that!! It'll all be over by Christmas!!! Big Grin
Well done D! I'm doing santa photos for a couple of weeks before Christmas, bit of extra cash for the silly season certainly helps. What are you doing in the clubs though?

If you're interested I have an assignment to shoot one of the Miss Rally Australia finalists who is in Newcastle, let me know if you're interested.
Are you an entertainer?

Don Schaeffer Wrote:Are you an entertainer?


Do Don Don. Big Grin

Well, are you? Tongue
I just had to reply to Don's comment. Anyway, welcome back Danielle. Exactly who is sitting on Santa's knee in a night club? :/
I'm a bar chick at a newie nightclub, although I would make more money as an entertainer!!! hey studio, so whats the deal with the model shoot in newcastle?!! Wink