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Full Version: Capital Punishment
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Not sure if everyone has been following this (probably only the Aussies) - but an Australian man is sentenced to hang in about 15 minutes time in Singapore, where he was caught attempting to smuggle heroin into Australia, when passing through Singapore.


There have been a lot of protests and support condemning the hanging - and sympathy for the man, but say that he deserves what he has been given...

Any thoughts?
I'm not sure that captal punishment is necessarily a good thing (a number of people have recently been released from life sentences in prison here in the UK after it was found they'd been wrongly convicted. If we'd had the death penalty.....)

But, having said that, if another country has the death penalty for specific crimes then it's not right to try and stop that just because one of our own people is the convicted criminal.

Singapore's policy on drugs is well known - anyone caught with drugs there (apart from the odd case where the drugs have been planted) is fully aware of what will happen if they're caught and convicted. It's a risk of the "job". So, when in Rome.....

If the drugs had made it through to the streets how many people would that of killed? Overdoses, How many people would of stole and robbed to pay for their drugs?

Drug traffickers deserve everything they get, he must of known the consequences should he of gotten caught. Hopefully his death will save others from falling into such a low way of making an income.

My sympathies go to this family and other innocents caught up in the mess left behind.