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Full Version: Flash units?? Original manufacturer or aftermarket for Pentax?
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I have decided to bite the bullet after a bit of an experiment with some older flash units. Now what to get, Pentax AF360FGZ looks pretty good but compared to the Sigma 500 Super is a little lacking at pretty close to the same price. I am not considering the 540FGZ as they are double the price and not readily available. The Sigma also has a higher guide number and both tilts and swivels. Any other good moderately priced options out there for Pentax?

Other units I have are;

400FTZ not too bad but very heavy and the battery door has failed (this is why I am looking), does tilt and swivel.

AF240Z, okay but a bit fiddly to get right (only paid about $20 for it so it owes me nothing), does tilt but no swivel.

AF260Sa, good little lightweight unit for close indoor use, no adjustments and it just works, this one I think only cost me about $15 and that was with the wide angle deflector, no tilt or swivel.


Don't know about alternatives, but I love the Sigma 500, I recently purchased one.
Is that the basic or the Super? What camera are you using it with?


I have a digital rebel and have the basic. I've only had it a week but have done several tests around the house and enjoyed the results.

I had use of a super for 2 weeks prior to buying this and with the rebel didn't need the extra features... if you plan on using slaves you need the super.