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Full Version: Build your own extension tube...
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Hey I found this link on slashdot this morning - build your own extension tube! The article touts it as "building your own macro lens", but we all know better. Big Grin


He uses a pringle tube attached to a body cover (with a hole cut in it) to fasten it onto the camera; then uses some cloth wrapped around his EF 50mm/1.8 to ensure a snug fit at the other end.

Seems to work ok... I think the only difficulty he faced was that the lining of the pringles tube is silver, which causes some light reflections...
I like it when people use their ingenuiity. To improve on his idea, and to eliminate the glare, he should have spent about $2-3 and purchased a piece of UMHW polyethylene tubing instead of using the can. This would have eliminated several of his issues including the silver inside the can and fastening everything together. There are several glues and epoxies that will bond to UHMW. Very interesting idea though.

That's a great idea Chris... I would have suggested painting the inside of the tin black, but polythylene tubing would definitely be better... Big Grin Probably look a whole lot more professional than having a pringles tube stuck to your camera... Big Grin
I read an article some time back about making a pinhole lens for your camera, even included a zoom setup.