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Full Version: Visualisation: beach model shoot
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Just thought I'd try one of these for fun.

Ok, you've hired a model, and arrive at the beach with your van full of photo equipment for location photography. The waves are a-crashing and the sun is just about to say goodbye to the world for twelve hours or so. You notice that the light is a golden glow and the sky has wonderful hues of orange and purple ... perfect!

How would you set up the shoot? What elements would you include in the scene, and how would you frame your shots? What poses, props, expressions would you use? Feel free to be as creative and descriptive as possible... perhaps we might all learn a thing or two from each other!

Ah, imagination - ain't it a wonderful thing?
This thread facinates me but I have deleted my last 2 attempted posts - I will give it some more thought. Maybe Jamie can add some reality - all my "visualizations" get kind of "visualized".

[edit] Just noticed that I spell "visualize" with a "zed" - Canadian thing I guess...
lol... aussies spell things with s's... Big Grin
If its a Melbourne beach I'd remember to take my umbrella Tongue

Seriously, is the sun setting over the water or over land? The sunset is reversed here for most of the beaches as most of the water is to the West. What is the purpose of the shoot? Is your model an atypical body model built for bikinis or is there some other outfit for the shoot? Give me more of an objective and I'll get back to you on it today.
Good questions... it's up to you and your imagination. I thought this would just be an exercise in creativity - more like telling a story from a photographer's point of view. You can be as general or specific as you like, add elements (coconut trees? no problem. hawaiian beach? cool. hula girls? sure.), and tailor the conditions to suit your liking. Base it on your experience or even just make it up - doesn't matter... but most of us would fall into the 2nd category, I'd suspect... Big Grin

Does that make sense?

(p.s. oh by the way, don't want to alienate our female audience too -- if you're female, model = David Hasselhoff) Big Grin
David Hasselhoff??? For the females any male under 40 will also be acceptable....
Are you dissing The Hoff??? Big Grin
Considerations :-

Model : Unless you're working with a Supermodel you are going to have some features that aren't as good as others. Does your model have a pear shaped body? If so think about your posing, Lower body angled and legs crossed over will help to eliminate, otherwise accessorise to suit, sarongs tied around lower body etc. What about her hair? The beaches here are usually windy in the afternoon so shooting with the model into the wind or with hair held/tied or waiting for a lull (which can be frustrating).

Location : What are your assets and hinderances here, seaweed is the first thing that comes to mind it is rarely attractive but can be used in your shots if you have a daring model (lying in it or draped over the body works well), what is the swell like? If its rough then shots in the water won't work. Will try to capture break on beach but the bright white often throws out your exposure. Long flat sections of sand make for nice lying poses other assets.. rocks, stairs to the beach, jetties (either on or under).

Lighting : Where is the sun setting? Over the ocean.. without any lighting/modifiers shoot with the sun directly onto model, 3/4 on for some shadow making the most of the golden tones. Shoot into the sun and play with silhouettes. With lighting/modifiers shoot into the sun with fill flash, positioning sun directly behind model. Use diffuse material such as scarf or sarong directly behind model with sun again behind model and fill flash.

Equipment & Accessories : Zoom lens for the majority of shots, if your model has a very narrow build and face switch to shorter lens. Fill flash of your choice. Diffuser material (ie Lastolite diffusers or thin white material, need assistant for anything like this). Minimal jewelery possibly with nautical theme, beads, shells, pearls. Baby oil (never on pale skin), sarongs, scarves, flowing skirts. (think balinese)

Posing : Make the most of the situation, take example ideas in a folder, scour whatever resources you can think of.. magazines, catalogues, model websites. Pick poses that suit your subject and theme. Try to avoid anything that bulks up arms or legs, if leaning back keep the weight in the back not in the arms. Try a variety of ideas and locations and then go back and re-do the ones that work.

Example shots with notes to follow.
[Image: 2.jpg]

45 minutes before sunset and its a bit cloudy, making the most of the soft light and location. Available light only. Dynamic hands makes for a more interesting shot. Thigh angled slightly towards camera thins it down.

[Image: 4.jpg]

Sun behind subject, fill flash is a little extreme but shows what I mean. Wind was insane but it is blowing mostly off the face.

[Image: 5.jpg]

Slight rise above the beach worked to show more of the background, the sun gave the everything a nice pink glow. Fill flash off to the side.

[Image: 6.jpg]

Sun behind the camera was diffused completely to kill the hard shadows caused by shooting in too bright conditions.

[Image: 3.jpg]

Sandstone walls seem to abound at beaches and can offer complete shade if the light is too harsh.

[Image: 1.jpg]

Not always bikinis, very shallow depth of field with the water behind the subject makes for a pleasing coloured background.

[Image: 7.jpg]

Another very windy day, thankfully the sun and wind were coming from the same direction. Making the most of props.

[Image: 8.jpg]

Trees make great props and also offer shade. Try to interact with it and keep your background from being too busy.

[Image: 9.jpg]

Sun is almost gone but it offers the most golden light you will find. This one was bounced back with a reflector out of frame to the right of the model. I don't use much reflection these days as I find it looks a bit fake.

We're not worthy!!! :o
You only posted this so you could have a perve, I know what you're like Tongue
StudioJ Wrote:You only posted this so you could have a perve, I know what you're like Tongue

And that's bad? Tongue
When someone calls me a perve, I take it as a compliment. I have been practicing all my life. Big Grin

Ok I wanna hear some visualising going on. Its coming up to Summer here (well maybe, its its the middle of December and its still grey and raining) and I will do 20-30 beach shoots so you lot can inspire me Smile

Where do you find so many gorgeous models ?? After my disarsterous day at the beach today, maybe you could add some tips or settings... I sure could use some help !! Smile



PS. Great shots