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Full Version: I have a new camera!
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I bought a new camera tonight!

Film camera. yay Smile
Congrats, what did you get?
woohoo Adam!

Do tell... What is it? (something Canon I assume so you can use your existing glass).

Are you back in Perth now? Or are you still going on duty-free shopping sprees?
(not Canon) I'll put some pics when I get access to scanner/
oooOOOOooo... the plot thickens!
It sounds like you are being Secret Squirrell about it too! Big Grin
Do we have to guess? Smile

Its not Canon... hmmm... which means its quite probably not an SLR.
Is it a Lomo? a Medium or Large format camera? a Pinhole? a Box Brownie? a TLR? a James Bond super-spy x-ray camera?
Must be Nikon Big Grin
Holga? an RF?
Here here Smile
You are correct Smile

it's the fisheye camera... fun toy

[Image: Copy%20of%20MyL.jpg]
oooo.... I spy with my little fish-eye a 70-200 f/2.8L!!!! (can't tell if its IS or not).

hehe.. I can imagine that little fisheye camera would be the source of much amusement after a few christmas drinks! Tongue Big Grin

Congrats Adam Smile
haa! yes Smile I bought the lens...
Was going to get the 135 f/2L until I tried the 70-200 IS and realised that though I love the results I get from 50 f/1.8 (and that prime is cool), the zoom may be easier at times where I don't get much choice about moving around.

I've been very amused by the fisheye camera, especially here where film and processing costs are better Smile
Oooo.... congrats on the camera and lens adam! Looks like Santa was generous this year!
Santa lives in my Bank Account and won't be coming out for a while.