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Full Version: It's starting
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It has taken a little time but my phone has been ringing at least once a week and an e-mail a week for pet portraits in the past month. Christmas must have a big part in it but thats good. The more people see my images at dog and cat shows the more calls I'll get. Big Grin
Congrats - you havve worked hard at it and deserve it!
That is great news.... Congratulations Smile
I think the same as Toad... You deserve it... Smile
Great stuff Peto... and I can still remember a few months back when you were nervous about taking over shooting at the cat fancier shows from the other guy... Big Grin
Thanks all. I still get a tad nervous though. Big Grin
woohoo! Good one Peto Smile
Well deserved!
Well done Colin! I know what that feeling is like. Just wait until it goes quiet and you think you've gone down the tube. Everything has an ebb and flow.
I think I'd be nervous too! Congratulations on your progress so far Smile
Thanks fellas. Just had a couple with their two dogs over. I think this may have been my best shoot yet. Pictures will be posted soon. I actually feel like I owe Shuttertalk some images. I've been snappin' but not postin'. Sorry everyone. I'll get some up and posted by the new year guaranteed.
Good for you - look forward to the pictures in the New Year.
Congratulations. You have the chance to so what you love! Lucky guy.
Can't wait to see the pics...
Thanks WS, Don and Schell. Smile
Congrats dude! Hard work and persistence are paying off for you.
slejhamer Wrote:Congrats dude! Hard work and persistence are paying off for you.

Thanks Mitch. Smile