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Full Version: Fuji S5200
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Anyone have any experience with this camera. I've been doing some research and I may be picking up this camera on the weekend. I'm looking for a fixed lens that doesn't cause too much noise. I was thinking about the Sony DSC R1 but its just too much money for a fixed lens camera that doesn't zoom very far. I've read good reviews about the Fuji S5200. It has a 10X optical zoom and is way cheaper than the new Sony. It doesn't bother me that its only 5 MP. That will probably just be better as far as causing less noise. So if anyone out there has any comments on this camera I'd sure like to hear them.
I don't have that camera, but I do own an S7000. So far I really like it. I did read up on the S5200, but it was not available at the time I purchased. Several of my friends and relatives have Fuji cameras, and so far we are all happy with them. I have emailed their support a couple times with questions, and they are always prompt and friendly when they reply. Your camera has a lot of the same features as the one I bought, but with slightly less megapixels, and more optical zoom. You may also want to check out the reviews at http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/specs/Fu...s5200z.asp to get an idea what other people think of the camera.

I have the Kodak version of 10X ultrazoom. I love it. I did look at the Fuji as well. It's a little more expensive than the Kodak and and has a few superior features like Raw format and a faster max shutter speed..

Features are listed here:

I have the s5000 - it's a pretty good camera - good handling and ergonomics. My particular model suffered from a bit of lag and also some overly compressed images, although I've heard they've fixed alot of the issues since.

The colours straight out of the camera are nice - very vibrant.

Oh and yes, the 10x zoom is very handy indeed. Good value for money IMHO.
I also have the S5000. A very cool camera indeed, and the 5200 is the 3rd gen I believe, which has so many great improvements. If I wasn't upgrading to a dSLR, I might look at the same model (s5200), just with the greater improvements.