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Full Version: Color Filter Simulator
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A few months ago I found a download of a freeware program that simulated lens filters (color filters). I believe I found that link here. Does anyone remember and know where I can get that software?
Never mind I found it. I had it on a CD. It's called Photofilter.
Hey cool.. thanks for the tip. Found the website here:


Quote:Opanda PhotoFilter is a freeware of opandasoft. It includes more 100 types filters in it, they are all kind of color photo filter about Kodak / Cokin / Hoya. It's easy to use, load a picture in the soft and select a kind of color filter, just click the "Apply" button, the result will be shown with the filter on! Opanda PhotoFilter offers adjustable density and auto luminosity compensation, these function will give you more natural looking and pleasant result.
I wonder, what would be the difference from PhotoFilter and the photo filter adjustment layer we have in PS...

Does anyone have made any comparition? or Is it something different somehow?