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Full Version: Help w/ lens for Konica-Minolta 5d
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Hi all,
I just bought a KM Maxxum 5d for my wife for XMas. It came with a kit lens, the 18-70mm AF-DT. She is a nature enthusiast and I want to get her a zoom tele for recording wildlife she encounters. Im thinking at least a ?-200mm. My budget, however, is limited. I have seen some lenses on ebay and otherwise online in the $100-200 range. The KM zoom cost as much as the camera. This is a hobby and that kind of investment is too much. I realize that clarity will be sacrificed, but these wont be published or reproduced photos.
Can I get an SLR lens and use it w/ her digital camera?
I have read on the web that there is a difference btwn the CCD size and the image size on an SLR.
What are the pros and cons?
Also, can you recommend a bargain lens?

Thanks for any help.
Hi, and congrats on your purchase!

When buying lenses, make sure you buy one that has a minolta mount. Also, make sure it's suitable for AF use - I'm not too sure about Minolta, but generally the older type lenses can only be manually focused.

You can get a SLR lens (i.e. 35mm lens) and use it with your digital, yes. Just remember that because your CCD is smaller than a 35mm one, to multiply the focal length of the lens by 1.5. i.e. a 50mm will effectively become 75mm, and a 200mm will effectively become 300mm.

In terms of bargain lenses, I'd probably stick to Tamron or Sigma brands - some of the other stuff you see on ebay is probably not worth the money. A telephoto zoom suggestion would be perhaps the 75-300 -- these are usually pretty good for the money.

Anyway good luck on your search!