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Full Version: Toad's got a Nikon D200!!!!
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Just got it today - also the new 18-200 VR lens.

Charging the battery as we speak....

I'll post first impressions once I get a chance to play with it.
Woohoo! I can't believe you actually got it before Christmas! You must be rapt!

Congrats dude! I'm really happy for you! Do spill all the details when you get the chance...
Great! Samples ASAP please!!!!!


Toad Wrote:I'll post first impressions once I get a chance to play with it.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on its build quality and weather sealing.... this is dear to my heart, and something reviewers never seem to pay much attention to.
Way to go Rob. I'm sure we'll have some great shots to view soon. Smile
Congrats Smile
Congratulations Toad!! Smile

That is great news... and you got it before Christmas.... Splendid!!

Looking forward to seeing your pictures and read your comments about the camera and the lens Smile

I had the opportunity to see some pictures of this lens in a D70 and they say it is working great, the VR is really good. So, we place an order for this lens two days ago. I hope I will get it at the beginning of January... Smile
Sounds great Toad.


excellent stuff can't wait to see some shots

congrats Toad
CONGRATS!@!!!!!!!!!!!@#$#@#@@! sounds super
Congrats Toad.

It has been 2 days ... you've probably snapped 1,000+ shots already - where's the review?

Big Grin
woohoo!!!!!! yaaay.. congrats Toady! Big Grin

Slej, I think the only time we might hear from Toad is while his new battery is re-charging! Even then, that's probably when he's trying to squeeze in his eating and sleeping time. Big Grin Big Grin Tongue

I purchased the D200 as well. Have spent a day taking shots. What are your impressions? I'd be interested in comparing.

Build quality, weather sealing, ergonomics exceptional. The viewfinder is almost as big and bright as my F100 and the LCD is unbelievably large compared to my other digital cameras.

The whole unit reminds me so much of my F100 that I find myself right at home with it - add the instant feedback of digital and I think we've got a winner. I confess I am still finding my way around the menus. Response time to take a photo is very very fast - focus seems sharp and accurate. So far, however, I have only taken a few photos - which appear pretty noise free even at ISO 800.

I expect any new camera to take a while to get used to and to discover the strengths and weakenesses - maybe we should get together for a safari and find them out together.
Deal. You travelling much in the new year?

I am finding that color is definitely rendered differently than my D70. At first I didn't like it, but its probably because I was used to something else. I also think it my shots may be a bit flat.

The jury is still out for me at this point. I'll know after another 10,000 shots. Wink
I will be traveling second week of January - likely not earlier. I haven't noticed a color difference - but I believe the defaults for color space, saturation etc. are different from the D70. Time will tell.