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Full Version: Pumped about Bibble...
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Downloaded the free "lite" version of the Bibble RAW conversion package - and WOW - I am really impressed.

I have been using Adobe Camera RAW - but because it does not yet support the D200 - and the converter that Nikon includes with the camera is so pathetic, I thought this sounded like a good time to try it. This is super software - one of the most impressive things is that it is all live - the photos you are converting change as you roll over the menu choices - no need to go through a lengthy trial and error process.

Too bad this isn't a PhotoShop plug-in.

Or is it? Anybody know if it can be made a plugin - I see it is a Photoshop Elements plugin...

[edit] answered my own question - the PhotoShop plugin is in the PRO (not-free) version.
Cool! Is there a free lite version? I thought the lite version was 69.00?
Hmmm.......... :/

This sounds interesting.

I'm off to do some investigations.
shuttertalk Wrote:Cool! Is there a free lite version? I thought the lite version was 69.00?

I hope not - at least I haven't paid anything yet - I wonder if this version is time limited or some such thing...

If it is - it is a great way to get a sale.
Hmmm Jules - you seem to be right - funny how I saw no mention of that at all when I downloaded it from Bibble's site - I wonder how long the trial lasts... Rolleyes
The trial versions run for 30 days I think, I've tried bibble in teh past... my only issie with it now it it won't uninstall properly.
Well, I've just done a totally unscientific test, using Bibble Pro. Big Grin

This is how it was:
1/ Convert an old RAW using Bibble Pro to a PSD, ensuring maximum to-the-eye accuracy,
2/ Save.
3/ Find old conversion of same file, and open.
4/Re open Bibble version

The difference?
I'm sorry to say that I found none. Nowt. :/
How about differences in workflow? Features? Options?

Is it worth the $$$?
Yes, it's nicer.
Better laid out, more flexible.
Mind ewe, I felt that Highlight recovery etc was no more useful than a brightness/exposure/curve tweak, though maybe faster.
I suppose though that I went into it with an attitude of "Is it worth buying when I have CS2?" I should really have looked at it with a more objective eye.

Ho hum. :/
Probably right - I like the RAW conversions that it does with my D200 much better than the Nikon supplied junk however - not sure how it will stand up to ACR - but I certainly like the interface and functionality better. Whether it is worth the $ however is questionable as ACR is free.
It wasnt a fair trial really. Especially since I'm becoming a CS fan. I havent been using CS that long. Do you remember I used to be big on Paintshop pro?

Hmm, how things do change, 'eh?
Hi Toad, maybe this might be of assistance:
I remember in dpreview's review on the Canon 350D, the guy makes a comparison of bibble with Adobe raw, as he investigates Canon's own conversion software.
I remember saying to Rufus at the time I went digi, the only reason I went down the Canon road as opposed to the Nikon one(I'd always been a Nikon chap before I "went" medium format), was that Canon's raw converter and software bundle was better than Nikon.
The reviewer of the 350D opined that Bibble was decent but patchy in performance, and that Adobe Raw was just about(only just) ahead of the Canon and Bibblle offerings.
I'd definitely suggest at this point, before giving Bibble any cash, investigating the free Raw Shooter Essentials. I'd rate it on a par with Adobe, yet it has extremely well-featured contrast controls for highlights and shadows. I readily swap between Adobe, RSE and Canon's converter: the latter of which I know is of no use to you, but really to underscore the value of RSE to me. I hope you give RSE a whirl, and I'd be very interested to hear how you find it.
Bible releases a new version a couple of days ago.
Thanks Zig - great advice. I am on-the-road now, but will give RSE a try when I next get home.
Bibble is the fastest converter on the market.
I am using Raw Shooter Premium and I'm really happy with it. I can recommend the free Essentials version too (Pixmantec Website)