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Full Version: Colorvision Spyder2 Plus
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Well the fatman in the red suite dropped one of these down my chimney and I've been playing with it a bit.

I've always been happy with my printer output and thought my monitor was pretty accurate with just my hand / eye calibration.

Turns out I was right, my printer, using the new custom profile, prints exactly the same as previous to profiling. My monitor on the other hand was showing colors slightly colder than it should, I hadn't noticed but the before and after screens showed me that it was definitely too blue.

Took about an hour including installing all the software The process was install, calibrate monitor and generate new color profile. Print a color grid from the printer with no color management switched on, scan that back in at 300 DPI or more (I used 720), run that through the printer profiling program and generate a new printer profile.

I think it was $200 well spent, and as it included Elements 3.0, it was even more of a bargain to me Smile

Maybe I'll try it on the laptop next.
Awesome Craig. I've been searching for one lately. Trying to find the best deal possible. Doesn't look like I'll be able to buy soon though. But the need is definate. I've ran into a couple issues lately regarding colour. One being, 3 paper sizes 4x6, 5x7 and 8.5x11, all the same brand but 2 being photo paper plus and the third being Glossy Photo Paper. The Glossy came out with the blues looking purple.
Btw, whatcha doin' opening presents already? :/
I'm just bad Big Grin IT's been sat in the box on the table for 3 weeks...... then I kinda decided instead of letting the wife wrap it, I'd just "test it"... you, to make sure it works rght Big Grin