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Full Version: Panasonic Lumix FZ20
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This is my first post to coincide with the purchase of my first digital camera.

Jessops (UK Based) have the camera on sale for £199 - I was going to buy a Nikon D70s later in the year - but I have no patience when it comes to buying new kit.

I was a little annoyed at having to wait for nearly 2 hours for the battery to charge up before I could use it - I can see a spare battery purchase on the horizon.

I took it out for a test drive in Sandhurst this afternoon - I am pretty pleased with it to be honest - I have been avoiding going down the digital route for many years - but I think this is going to be an exciting addition to my hobby.

Does anybody have any thoughts on the FZ20 - have I made an error!

Congratulations on taking the leap, and welcome. A photographer who I admire (elsewhere) uses the FZ20, so I have no doubt you've made an excellent choice.

Two hours to charge a brand-new battery isn't long -- leave it on the charger overnight when you're done today. After that, rechargeable batteries generally do best when charged frequently and never fully drained. Pop it back on the charger frequently, and you'll never have another 2h wait.
Congratulations on your purchase, and welcome to Shuttertalk Smile

Now where's some pictures??? Big Grin
I understand the FZ20 is an excellent camera from what I hear. Somebody on this forum has one - I can't remember who. Maybe they will chime in with their opinion.
You're in the UK?
Congrats on the purchase! The panasonics have generally been regarded well - long lens and IS makes for a good combo. I think most people complain about noisy high ISO images, but with IS, you can avoid it...
Rufus Wrote:You're in the UK?

Yeah in Yateley, Hampshire.

Where are you in the Midlands?

I was in Warwick and Stratford-on-Avon a couple of weeks before Christmas - Didn't take a camera with me - DOH!

I didn't realise there was such great countryside up there to take pictures of.
Hi Ray,
I have a FZ20 and I like it a lot... I have got very nice pictures with it, from landscapes to macros.... The pictures are just a bit noisy but I work with neat image and they look great... It was a bit difficult at the beginning to get the right colors... but now I am happy with the colors...

I had to buy a new battery, since one lasts for some 240 pictures without flash so, it is always good to carry a spare one. I also got a 1gb card...

I have a D70 as well, and some lenses... and I haven't left my panasonic in the drawer. Actually, as I like to carry both cameras I just bought a bigger camera bag for both cameras... I don't have a lens for my D70 to get as close as I can go with the panasonic, and the FZ20 makes a nice job...

Hello Bish.

Yes, I'm very near to Stratford. Only about 15 miles away!
We stayed in a travel lodge in Alcester - now that's what I call the middle of nowhere!

Good grief!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o

That's my home town! I lived there for 30 years or more. My mother lived there until she died only 2 years ago.

Crumbs...................... :o
Hey it could be worse!

I was brought up in Harlow in Essex.

At least on my birth certificate it says Epping - a damn sight posher!