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Full Version: 'Canon Powershot pro 1' vs 'Fuji Finepix s9500' I need help :(
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Hey everyone,

I am new here and also fairly new at photography but I am about to buy a new digital camera and so far I have been looking at the canon powershot pro 1 and the Fuji Finepix s9500. I am a bit scared that they will be too professional for me since I have only had a crappy automatic sony cybershot for the last 2 years.

I study graphic art so I need a good manual camera for good material, I don't learn much photography at school but i know a number of people who can help me with the technical aspects.

Anyway which would you recommend out of the 2, or do you have any other suggestions?
Those are 2 very similar camera's.

If you need a little more reach the Fui has the longer range, but the Canon has a wider aperture should you need a shallow DOF.

I've owned both Fuji and canon products and they both build a great camera. IF I had to choose I'd probably go for the Canon.

And Welcome to Shuttertalk Smile
I would go along with that. When I bought my Minolta A2 - the Canon Pro 1 was my second choice - dare I suggest you look at the Minolta A2 or A200 - both also good and they have Anti-Shake.

These camera will not be too professional for you - they have great point and shoot capabilities, but they will allow you room to grow - which you probably want.
Hi there, and welcome to Shuttertalk. Both are aimed at the same market, although I can't comment on the Fuji as I've never used it. Functionality wise, I think they're both pretty much the same...

The Pro1 has a L series lens tacked on to the body and has a better potential for higher quality images; that said though it's probably getting a little long in the tooth - the Fuji is a more recent camera.
Cool, thanks everyone, you have been a great help and have made me stress less, I think I shall just go with the canon. I have used earlier powershots at school too so that may help out.