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Full Version: confused
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:/ I was just wondering why on my camera the photos I take look good in exposure but when I upload them they get really dark. I have to lighten them, but then they go grainy,,,, what am I doing wrong?
Question: how do you know the exposures are good to start with? Is this based on reviewing them in the camera LCD?

Just a thought - but maybe your montior needs to be calibrated - maybe your photos are not as dark as they look on the monitor.
I've been having that problem too, I read somewhere that the LCD's can sometimes be unreliable, so its best to check your histogram while your shooting, if its piled up to the left, your under exposed, piled up to the right, its overexposed.
It should be fairly evenly spread or spiking towards the middle ( I think, I'm only just getting familiar with them myself)
Hope that helps
Good advice from Mr. T and Schell - also check your camera too: set the LCD brightness back to 0 as well as any exposure compensation, contrast settings. It's easier to tell where things are going wrong when you've got default settings applied...
I have had the same problem myself, too. I was extremly pissed off when I took about a hundred shots in winter and when i uploaded them to my pc, they were all underexposured. Later, I learned that when you're taking photos of sth very bright, like snow, you have to compensate exposure by +1 EV or even more. This helps.
I'll see what I can do! I think I fixed the monitor as it's a bit brighter now but I'll have to work on my camera settings too....