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Full Version: macro ability
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I am new to photography and trying to learn as much as I can. My question is about macro ability of digital cameras. I need some guidelines about macro Smile . I would like to know about taking closeup pics with no distortion and what should I look for in a camera as far as macro in concerned. Your help is appreciated. Smile K
Hi Digicake. Welcome to Shuttertalk.
Thats an easy enough question for any sales person to answer at the store. It does depend on the type of camera you are choosing though. If you are looking to buy a compact point and shoot then usually the smallest focal length ability of the camera will give best macro's. With SLR type cameras then it all depends on the lens use have. When purchacing a lens all you need to look for is a macro lens. Again, the shortest focal lenth will pretty much be all you need to look for.
This is just a very basic explanation. If you really want more technical data then Google is a more likely source for information. Good luck in your search. Hope to see some images soon. Smile