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Full Version: I'll let you decide
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A client sent in an order for a number of prints from a shoot I did a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately the image below is one of them. It would not have been one of my choices but this is what she wants. The image shown has only been resized and is the actual proof I sent to the client. So, here is the scoop. While I'm working on the other 14 images from her order I was hoping some of you can take a stab at what crop you would use in this image. Obviously it can't be used as is.

[Image: Cezar-&-Budah-017-web.jpg]
my 1 c

[Image: 47_Cezar-&-Budah-017-web.jpg] [Image: 0_Cezar-&-Budah-017-web.jpg]
Tough one Peto,

I tried a few crops and this is the one I keep coming back to. Its not ideal (or very creative), but its the most pleasing crop I can find.
The dog's direction of gaze would normally lead me to leave more space in the top right so he's not looking straight out of the picture, but that disrupts the balance of the whole image in this case, so I just left a bit of room and balanced the amount of space around his head.

Good luck with your task (and your client).

[Image: Untitled-2.jpg]
Thanks fellas. I know there isn't a lot that can be done. My crop is very similar to Adrians. This will be an 8.5x11 so the ratio must be kept in tact.
I think there's not much you can do... basically get rid of the dead space on the top right. I like Christian's idea about the horizontal crop, but since she specifically picked this photo, I think she might be disappointed if the elegant pose was cropped out...
It's definately not a pose I would have chosen but seeing how the client wants it I need to make due. It's my fault anyway as I normally wouldn't have cut his legs off like I did.