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Full Version: Bumped! Bummed... :(
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My brother and I were being silly today - play fighting and acting like little kids. A little later I was playing with my camera and he decided to chuck a bean sack at me. Unfortunately it hit the front of my 18-55mm lens and must have jarred it a bit inside. The zooming mechanism feels abnormally stiff sometimes - like when zooming in it's fine, but when zooming back out it feels like it catches on something.

Focusing is still ok though, and I don't think AF operation is impaired, thankfully.

Oh well, boys will be boys...

Funny though - I actually won an auction on ebay for a used 18-70mm on Thursday, so am expecting that any day now. So it's not so bad after all... Big Grin
doh!! :o Sad :x

I hope it comes right for you Jules... or by playing with the 18-70 you just forget all about the 18-55 Smile

My 18-55 is tucked away safe and sound and doesn't get used these days. It will probably come out again when I sell my 350, or when I want to take photos of people throwing bean sacks! :p

I'm sure you'll enjoy the 18-70 though, many many good things have been said about it!

Now, did you get the shot of the bean sack hitting the lens?
At least it was the kit lens. Thats one way of looking at it. Not worth repairing but cheap to replace. Hey, you know what they say. It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Then it becomes a sport. Big Grin