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Full Version: Pentax A10
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I say, that looks like a nice compact!
I've been considering a compact for ages, and mostly looking at Canon. Now though, I wonder........ :o

Sounds interesting indeed! A compact with anti-shake (image stabilisation)... I wonder how well it will turn out in terms of operation, speed, image quality, etc.

I'm researching a compact for my wifey as well - so far I think I like the Olympus Stylus (mju) 800...

But this one might be a potential winner too... Big Grin
And talk about interesting/wierd compacts - Kodak has also launched a new compact with two lenses and two CCDs!

One lens is a normal 3x zoom lens, and the other is a super wide 23mm (equiv) lens... w00t!

Samsung also have launched a couple new ones, with Advanced Shake Reduction
What's even wierder (IMO) is that one of the new Samsungs plays music and a new Fuji compact has three games built into it - it's called the Shoot and Play or something like that. Seems like the compact market is becoming very gimmicky as a reaction to falling sales!

Yeah I saw the Fuji one too - 3" screen and games? Seems like the manufacturers are trying to differentiate their products, when every man and his dog has a model out. Dunno how well it will work - a similar comparison can be made to the mobile phone market... sure you can have phones that play music and have organisers, but most people just want a phone that makes phone calls, and does it well...