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Full Version: external harddrives
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Hi everyone,

again, I would like to just through this very general question into the room, so I get a rough idea:

what external harddrives are people using?
how big? (in the age of RAW)
how fast?
can they get power supply through USB plug?
do they overheat?
can they break?
do they do backups? Or come with a software....

etc etc etc etc.

As a rule of thump, they seem to be around USD 1 / GB in the US, which seems reasonable to me. what do you think?
and recommend?

I've got a 40gb notebook harddisk in my CompactDrive PD70X, 5400rpm. It must be powered by batteries, or power supply. It does not overheat, but can break.

I got a 80gb notebook harddisk in my "CuTie" harddisk, not sure of the speed, but does not need extra power, can be powered by usb, but can be externally powered if required. Does not overheat, possibly breakable, and theres a "one button backup" on it, comes with software to do this and a button on the casing.

Then I've got a 160 hard disk, this one is a big one, must be powered by the power supply, don't know how fast, but connected by firewire, possibly can break, backups, I have to do myself.

Best, I like the CuTie (there are many others like this), as I don't need to search for a power supply or another USB port to power it. and it came with a pouch/wallet sort of thing (and is my newest toy)