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Full Version: fast ball tracking
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I recently saw this article about a photographer that shot this amazing shot of a baseball ball with a manual focus 600mm f/4, a 1.4x teleconverter and a D1H.

I think it is just anazing..have a look


I think it's amazing! The idea itself is awsome and the way he pre-visualized it before shooting! Wow.
Well, if you have great ideas and great equipment, you can do all kinds of magic. Wink
I agree with XeoX, the pre visualisation would have to be the key..... getting the right shot, now that takes some experience i would imagine.........

Amazing shot..........
Totally amazing...

Quote:It took 166 images and 1.5 innings, but with a little luck I finally made the image I had wanted.
Looks like it took a lot of trial and error too... Big Grin
Fantastic photo!

That's a shooting technique commonly used for athletics (ie for high-jump, you just focus on the space above the bar and wait for the athlete to pass through the space) but I've never seen it done like this. For games like baseball and cricket where the ball travels a predictible path it is perfect.

I've got a week's worth of international waterpolo championships to photograph next week.... I'm only really interested in the games that Australia are playing in to get shots of our athletes, but there will be plenty of other games I can hang around to shoot if I want... and this looks like it might be a great little challenge to try a similar shot for waterpolo.

On the one hand the ball is much bigger, slower and should be a little easier to track, but on the other hand I won't know in advance the path it will be travelling, plus I'll need to use a wider aperture than f/8 (its indoor so I expect light to be a limiting factor, plus there will be lots of players around the ball so it will be harder to isolate the subject from the background). hmmm.. interesting Smile

Thanks for the link Christian Smile
Amazing picture!

It reminds me when we go to the birds show at the zoo... It is amazing how many pictures you take and how many are really good... I think one needs to train a lot and go several times, to get the feeling, speed and routine, in our case, of the birds...
hmmmm, love the shot and would love to try it out . My girls both play Fast pitch softball and my youngest is learning to pitch so i think that i will be able to practice ( a lot i might add LOL ) with the right settings . Now ill just have to figure out how not to get hit by the ball ...