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Full Version: First a slipped disc, now THIS!!!
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You slipped your disc? I heard that it's extremely painful, both my aunty and sister's boyfriend suffer slip discs! and now.. your studio? for hire? just for hire? hiring it out?
Hello young Adam! Smile

Yes, it's proper painful....................

No, the studio thing is a bit misleading. It's "my" studio. Not my studio...........
That is, it's the local one which I use. Now it's being split into 20 owners, (franchised), and that means I wont get in again without coughing up £1000, which I dont have.
Mind ewe, I dont think I'd bite, (in this case), anyway, so I guess it's all just a question of some doors closing and others, (hopefully), opening.
I damaged two discs around 18 years ago... not pleasant when they go out Sad

£1000 for 1/20th of a studio seems pricy.... and how do they assure you that you will get your fair share? I think you would be right to avoid it even if you had the spare cash Rufus.
I hope many doors open for you!
Then you can write "Rufus was 'ere 2006!" Smile
I have seen that you are doing wonderful pictures in the studio, Rufus.

Wouldn't be best if you started building up your own studio at home?

Sorry to hear this about your studio...
Irma Wrote:Wouldn't be best if you started building up your own studio at home?
Another vote for the home photo studio...

It can go right next to your music studio! Big Grin
I'm really, hugely, encouraged by your words, folks. Thank you!!! Smile

Hey, it seems picking one studio light to start is harder than picking a camera! Nearly all the lights have stupid power references in watt/seconds! That doesnt mean a thing, in terms of light output. It's like saying, "my car uses 1 gallon of petrol every ten miles......" Tells you NOWT about the cars performance!
Rats! More study....................:o
Aha!! Watt seconds. Now I know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING! Yes, I'm the most clued up Terrier in my, erm....House.