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Full Version: Understanding Curves
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G'day all,

The last thing I wanted to do when I started taking my photography more seriously was worry about post processing. I was just interested in aperture, exposure etc.....( still am)
What I did learn quickly was that post processing is a big part of digital photography. The reason I didn't want to know about PP was that it was all to much, but over time I have learned more and now am less intimidated. Having said that boy have I still got a long way to go!
Anyway to the point of this post. I have been for the last few months using curves to adjust the tone, brightness, contrast etc. Have been getting some ok results through trial and error. Found this link and thought it was a good read http://www.thegoldenmean.com/technique/curves1.html I now have a better understanding of what to do. These type of articles do a better job for me than trying to read the help menu.

Thanks for sharing!!!! I'm reading it now Smile
Russ one of the thing I have learned with HDR is that one need to have a very good understanding about curves, which I don't have, unfortunately... Sad

I just saw this link you are sharing and it is fantastic!!! Thanks a lot!! I will work with it this morning... since my card seems to be kaput.... Sad
Thanks for the link. I have had trouble fixing colour cast is the past, this looks like a good way to fix it.
Hey thanks for the link to the great article. It throws a lot of light (ha ha) on the subject of curves...
good to see this found.........I know it helped me Smile