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I was quite inspired by all the b/w talk that's been going on on ST these days, and find it takes some of the difficulties (white balance, skin tones) out of the equation, nice for a beginner.
these are both original black and whites, no color conversions, with slight adjustments in output levels.

In the first shot, the subject's (my fiancé's) hand is too close to me and appears overly big. also, I find the picture slighty dull....

I like the second one, but for some reason the right (away from camara) half of his face is funnily blurred.
Can you see that in the small version I am posting?
I wonder if that effect had to do with the fact that I was using flash.

Oh and already the trouble starts: most the nice shots I would have liked to discuss he wouldn't approve for posting!! Rolleyes

Anyway, please comment - I hope I can take it....

[Image: IMG_1356%20copy.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1360%20copy.jpg]

[Mod: sorry, fixed the image parser. Pics now displaying correctly]
I liked the posing you used and the pictures you posted are quite flattering.
I think these photos would have been better if it was taken as a portrait orientation, as you could fill the frame with his head and shoulders a little better.
The reason that part of his face is blurred is because of the large apeture (small f number) that you would have used- the less light, the larger apeture you need.

What sort of camera and lenses did you use? Was the flash your only light source? Do you know what your settings were? I think they would help us to comment on your photos.

Thanks for sharing these Smile
hmmm, now I'm surprised Shell, can you see the pics? Or did you just make all that comment up on a void? Smile

anyway, it's funny,
for the second shot the aperture was 9, which I wouldn't expect to be that shallow a DOF.
exposure was 1/25, ISO 100.
Maybe I should have upped the ISO? I kind of try to avoid that whenever I can, because of noise, but I guess I should get used to going up a bit indoors?

I used my 350D with the kit lense and the built in flash, flash comp down to -1 (I think). the setting was a somewhat darkISH café, so not a lot of ambient ligth.
hmmm, your right, the apeture should have been enough to keep his whole face in focus.
Perhaps it was motion blur? But it seems strange that half of his face would have motion blur, and the other half wouldn't...hopefully someone else can help you figure it out.
doesn't it?? seems like a one-sided twitch (don't say it loud, as my dear subject is sitting right here....)
thanks for the fix ST!
sorry, just want to hear some more comments on this one Wink
hmmm, bumpbump....
have you noticed I am a shuttertalk "socialite" as of today??? I don't think I've seen any of those around ever...a weird one this world on ST......

thanks for company schell!

we were all socialites once Big Grin

c'mon guys, help wulinka with her photos
Congrats on your Socialism(?) Big Grin

I like both portraits - they're very candid and natural, which is always a plus. Your tight cropping works well too, and shows the features and vulnerable side of your fiancee. My favourite is #2, as it has a bit of mystery to it.

I think I'd be asking myself a couple of questions - are there any distracting elements, and are there parts of the photo which are dead space? In both pics, I think cropping some of the right hand side might work.

Also, what was the idea behind conversion to b/w? I think the 2nd one might work even better with a bit more contrast / darker tones...

Just my 2c... when are you getting married, by the way? Big Grin
Sorry but I didn't see this pictures before ....

They are just lovely...

I am a landscape format woman... so I like a lot the format specially in #2 but I think Schell suggestion is perfect...

#1 you are right, the hand is stealing attention also his eyes are tooo high in the picture. Also you have a line in the background... I like a lot his smile here...

#2 I like it a lot... my suggestion is not to wear knitting clothes... but better something more smooth and not with zipper... I think they are a bit distracting... and no strips... The pose is perfect... A simple T-shirt in a neutral color is best...

I must admit that I am not good at flash settings, because I don't use it, so I can't say much about that... I could say that you can take pictures with longer shutter speed and you will have more light in your picture, which I think is what you need here... I have taken portraits of adults, of course, at l/2sec f/4.5 and they are ok... In this case I switched on all my lamps and graped them with white thin paper... There was very soft light and I didn't need flash.. I say this because you have a shadow of the flash just behind his ear in #2.

If you have a program to edit your pictures like PS or PSP or any other one, it would be best if you take your picture in color and make a conversion... You can work better with brightness and contrast there... If you work with PS here you have a tutorial that slejhamer wrote few months ago, it works great... Since I learned it... this is my technique to convert to B&W and sepia...

Hope my comment is helpful... Smile
Ok guys, I realise: I do miss the "topics I posted in" button....... can we have it back?!?!

thanks for advice, shell and ST, and thanks for sticking with me shell! A tighter crop is certainly a good idea.

Irma, thanks so much for your suggestions! they are wonderful, every single one. you are right about his distracting clothes, and of course about the flash.Your comments will be really really helpful for the portrait work I am planning to do in the near futur. I am working on my lightning in indoor situations, but these pictures were taken when we just took a break at a cafe, so really quick snapshots.

here is just another one I took the other day, in the studio I will be visiting regularly. the girls are both artist I met and I am hoping to work on a project with one of them. very excited about it.
enjoy the picture Smile and BTW, this one was taken in b/w.

[Image: kerstin%20und%20mathilde.jpg]
Cool, I like the composition in this one very much.
Sounds like fun, working with an artist Smile
The portrait of the 2 women is superb.
wulinka Wrote:Ok guys, I realise: I do miss the "topics I posted in" button....... can we have it back?!?!
Sure! It's on the forums index page, down the bottom. Click on the "Show Your Posts" link! Big Grin
I hadn't looked there... Rolleyes
Thanks Jules!