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Full Version: Pentax Optio S45 "Battery Depleted" Error
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The "Battery Depleted" Error message displays when using new batteries after turning the camera power on. :/ The message appers after taking two pictures with the camera. At first I thought that the batteries are bad. Using new batteries does not resolve the problem and the error message displays after taking two still shots. (I have tried all the different kinds of supported batteries and still have this error message.)

The user guide does mention this in the troubleshooting section. (See page 137 from http://www.pentaximaging.com/files/manua...45_web.pdf). However, the suggested remedy does not solve my problem. Sad

What else can cause this? Is this a bad camera? Any ideas will be welcome.......Cool
Hey pentax,

Just a question - what kind of batteries are you using? I'm guessing that you might be using alkalines. If you're using normal alkalines or even the other (super heavy duty?) ones, then that behaviour is explainable, though still a bit unusual. My old Fuji s5000 which took 4 AA's would last for about 20 minutes if I used alkalines.

Digital cameras these days require rechargable NIMH batteries for optimum performance. They're well worth the investment though - you'll recoup the costs many times over in a short while.

If you are using NIMH or the proprietary battery supplied with the camera, then it's probably a faulty camera - try taking it back under warranty...