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Full Version: Large format Scanner Photography
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This is a cool idea - the guy modified a cheap scanner to fit a large format camera, with interesting results!

Quote:The objects in the scene that were stationary photographed normally, while the objects that were moving were twisted and distorted into wonderful shapes. At first, I thought that this was a mistake, that something was wrong with my new contraption. But I soon realized that the motion of the scanner was meshing with the motion of the recorded scene, creating unexpected, yet predictable, results. These motion distortions are similar to the effect created by moving a sheet on a photocopier mid-copy, except that they extend into three dimensions and only effect objects in motion.
oooo.. great link!

Thanks jules. Very interesting. Smile
I'm impressed by so much creativity.and the results are striking. makes you want to exceed your own boundaries more often, doesn't it?

Hey another scanner photographer...