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Full Version: Darn Adbots...
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Ever notice how, if you use a mouse with a scroll wheel, the scroll stops when it hits a Google adbot - and you need to reposition the mouse off the adbot before continuing?
Doh! Thanks for the feedback Rob...

I thought I'd give the new ad placement some time for evaluation - what I've observed so far is that it's not performing as well as the previous one...

I'll change it over once we move to the new design... which should be in a week or two.

By the way, does anyone else notice little white horizontal lines appearing on images when you scroll the browser window down? I notice this in firefox... and only since we switched to the new forums.

Bugger... another thing to investigate and fix... Big Grin
I'm not experiencing either problems. One thing is that after the page loads it still takes time to be able to scroll down the page.
Quote:One thing is that after the page loads it still takes time to be able to scroll down the page.
The forum index page is too long I would like to see Front page news below Recent topics, make it more use friendly.............Big GrinTongue
I also see the white horizontal lines - I use Firefox (if that helps).
White lines and adbot scroll problems here too.... annoying! Using firefox.
What's wrong with Explorer 6?
Don Schaeffer Wrote:What's wrong with Explorer 6?
No tabbed browsing is my biggest complaint, and I hate when it decides to auto-select links.

Would this be the wrong place to mention that the link to go to new posts in a thread just brings me to the start of the last page in the thread?
No horizontal lines nor scrolling problem with Opera in my case.
...and neither of these things happen when I use IE 6 to view the pages - problems are peculiar to Frefox I guess.
OK - I upgraded to Firefox 1.5 - both problems have disappeared. Hooray!!
Hmmm... using 0.9.2 here, maybe time to upgrade Big Grin
1.0.5 here... Smile