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Full Version: Nikon film - and now Konica-Minolta: what next?
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Nikon F-100: discontinued by Nikon this week - naturally, I own one. Sad

Konica-Minolta shut their doors this week : of course I own an A2 Sad

It's become very weird - buying and owning very good cameras is no guarantee of investment longeivity.

Thank goodness they both work perfectly still. I am apprehensive about what happens if my A2 ever needs a repair. At least the Nikon can still be repaired.
I gather Sony are taking over responsibility for all K-M repairs/servicing as well as their DSLR/lens assets.Smile
Well - that's good news, at least.

Don't suppose Nikon will discontinue my D200 for the next 6 months or so...
That's ironic Toad.. Big Grin

Now that you've got your D200 - what are your plans for the F100 and the A2? Ebay?
I am using the A2 as a travel camera. I travel on the road a lot and I travel very light - carry on size suitcase and my Crumpler laptop bag only - the A2 fits in the case, where the D200 would require an additional bag. So I think I will hold onto it for a while.

The F-100, hmmm. I think I would sell it if I got a good offer. Film teaches you dicipline though. Because you cannot just reshoot if it is wrong, and because it costs money for every shot, it forces you to take your time, compose and make the shots count. It is a super environment to work in because you learn a lot, and because a good film shot looks wonderful. It is pretty hard to beat the convenience of digital though, particulalry when you post process as much as I do.