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Full Version: Where's Google Home when I need it?
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I've spent about two hours looking for one of my three 512MB CF cards, and I can't find it anywhere. Nowhere. I even checked the bookshelf, under the couch, and on top of the TV. I've been through every bag I've carried my camera in, as well as the pockets in every jacket. I've looked at home and at work.

I can't find it.

Did I mention that I'll be on a plane to Los Angeles in 36 hours?

A 512 card will hold 44 raw+jpg images, or 128 5mp jpegs. A 2GB card would mean that I'd never have to worry about running out during a day's shooting again. (I only have one battery.) It also costs half of a 35mm f3.5 macro lens I've had my eye on. I'd like to have the lens, but buying the CF card would delay it by a month or more. If I don't find the third CF card, I'll be lacking some elbow room until I can get back to my computer at the end of the day.

I can't decide.
Get the card. You cannot replace the missed photo opportunities.
Hm... get the card, ebay your old ones, which will help offset the new lens. Big Grin
google home... ! HAHAH
adam Wrote:google home... ! HAHAH
Wouldn't you love to be able to go to your computer, type in "Car Keys" or "Proof of Purchase for Manfrotto 410 Head" and have a little blinking light go off in another room?

I'd pay for that.

I went on an Alaskan cruise (it's mostly British Columbia) with my 8MP Sony, and only had 1.25GB worth of cards. I also was constantly reviewing and deleting images, and juggling image sizes. This time I'm carrying my laptop (8GB free) and a 20GB iPod as a second HDD, giving me plenty of long-term storage. A pair of cards with 128 images each should be plenty, but that rules out shooting in raw+jpeg during any serious opportunities.

I know, I know, get the card... I'll see when the store is open, and look again in the morning.
I definately need a google home.
Can I get a google life with that too??
Schellamo Wrote:Can I get a google life with that too??
I definitely need that... I'm shocking at remembering's people's faces and names... Big Grin
matthew Wrote:I can't find it.
Found it!

It was buried in one of my parka's side pockets, next to my small flashlight. CF cards are great; if it was an xD card, I'd never be able to afford that next lens.

I'm back to having extra elbow room, so it saves me a two-hour trip to the store when I should have been packing. And speaking of things that I'm doing instead of packing...

I'll be uprooted for the next day or two, but I'll be back on-line for assignment #17.