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Full Version: Australia Day 2006
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Many Australians on this board, so... Anyone going photographing on Australia day/night?
What are your plans for this public holiday?

I'm going to be catching fireworks from South Perth again Big Grin
I'm having a family bbq at my parents property and will be shooting an 'engagement' shoot for my SIL and her hubby (a little late I know, but its just for practiceBig Grin)

Actually maybe I'll try for fireworks too, if we stay there in the evening, I can climb to the top of the mountain and shoot the shellharbour city ones....we'll see
Good luck, hope you get some great shots!
Happy Australia Day!
Not doing much on Australia day, but on the 27th, I'm going scuba diving!

It's a present for my wife's birthday... one of those "discovery" dives, where they teach you the basics and take you for a short dive to around 4-5 metres of water...

Supposed to be able to see weedy sea horses and other little critters... can't wait!! Big Grin

nice jules, i was snorking the other day....it is great...love to see all those fishies...

take care

Aussies + beer + L don't mix Sad