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Full Version: new monitor and drivers
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hi everyone

so now i have a new monitor...i have this problem with photoshop
[Image: screen_monitor_1.gif]

i have deleted the old drivers from the old monitor and now i have this problem that everytime i start the pc i have to redo the colour settings. whats the problem?....

anyone has any ideas?

Hi Christian,

Not certain, but it looks like CS2 was set up to use a profile that belonged to your old monitor and was deleted along with the drivers (which, I think, is why it refers to the defective profile as " ").

I think you need to asociate a profile for your new monitor in CS2. Not sure where the setting for that is (I'm on the laptop and only have Elements 2 on it), but it should be somewhere in the colour management settings.

Apologies if you've already tried this! Smile

Make sure you have a default color profile set for the monitor.

Right click desktop, properties, settings, advanced, color management.

Make sure you set a proeile and make it default.


i did try that...i think the main propblem was that i was having anther colour management that was interfiering with the new one.