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Full Version: gmail
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hi everyone

does anyone uses gmail in here?

sounds very good service better than hotmail and yahoo

I use it, it's great Big Grin a lot of storage!





I use it... but I also use hotmail, yahoo, and a webmail client to check my shuttertalk mail. LOL... 4 mail accounts to check, 5 if you include my work one. Big Grin

I use yahoo mainly for junk mail and newsletters etc., hotmail for more important net stuff (ebay, bookstore, etc.) and gmail for personal mail. The gmail one works well - I only give it out to people I know, so I get next to no spam on the account. Plus, I think their filters are working well.

I kinda like their interface - the ajax stuff where you can navigate and do stuff like replying without having to wait for a new page to load. I also find their "thread" / "conversation" metaphor a bit confusing though - I'm used to seeing messages like in outlook. Sometimes I have to spend a few minutes hunting or searching for a particular message, especially if the conversation has continued since then.

But all in all, I like it. The new windows live mail beta looks good as well though - I like it because it uses the familiar outlook style interface. If you use outlook 2003 (i do for my work email), then you'll be instantly at home.