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Full Version: leica 90mm f1
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then i seen everything...





price 5000 to 7000 in auction

What the? A buyer's premium of $750?

Quote:Buyers Premium All items sold on iGavel are subject to a 15% buyers premium. This charge is paid by the purchaser to the seller to compensate for the added costs of presenting guaranteed fine art, antiques, and collectibles in an online format. The buyers premium allows sellers to offer the finest quality works of art and antiques online instead of in a local, regional auction. Most "live" auction houses charge a buyers premium ranging from 10-20%. This charge does not include fees such as taxes or shipping.
$750 for the added costs of presenting the collectivles in an online format?? For taking a few photos and posting it online? Big Grin

Quote:"This massive lens was made for the U.S. Navy for electro-optical night photography, according to Lager who illustrates two examples. It consists of eight elements in six groups. It was supplied with special extension tubes to fix the focus at 50m, 100m and infinity," see Laney p. 262.
f/1.0... pretty amazing!

4 days to go! The estimate is $10,000 by the way...
There's dust on the lens!

Big Grin