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Full Version: Happy New Year!!
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Happy New Year Big Grin

How is everyone celebrating? If celebrating at all? hehe

I got relatives coming over tonight for dinner...
I better get back to cleaning up the house!

uuhmm back in time? joke

happy new year

take care


HNY you lot! Big Grin
Happy New Year, Adam Smile
gong xi fa cai. adam. Big Grin
happy chinese new year! even to the non-chinese Big Grin

I had lunch with my family at my parent's place this afternoon... that's bout it. Big Grin
In Chinatown they are having a fire cracker ceremony tomorrow afternoon, and then "Cultural Festival", whatever that means.
But the big parade is not until next Sunday, feb. 5th, why I don't know.

But will take my camara to both!
Big GrinBig Grin My relatives just left.
Very full.... haha, ate and ate.... yay.

I also want to go celebration photographing, I wonder what's on around Perth.
Chinese New Year spans for about 2 weeks Big Grin