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Full Version: DIY Tilt/Shift PC Lens
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Ever wondered how to take close up photos of tall buildings without having them look like they're falling backwards? You probably already know that the answer is using tilt-shift or perspective correction lenses. And you probalby also know that they're usually BIG bucks, relegating them to a niche market only, for specific uses.

Well here's a hack to create your own tilt-shift lens, using stuff you can buy for cheap. It uses a medium format lens (you can get these off ebay), parts cannibalised from a toilet plunger, and a body cap. Pretty cool, if you ask me...
The key is using a larger lens (ie. medium format) so you can flex and shift the lens about without losing the image off the edge of the lens.

It reminds me of a lensbaby actually, so if you ever wanted to play with a digital lensbaby, then here's your chance! Big Grin

Oh, and don't forget to check out their article on building your own ring flash from the same site. Cool