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Full Version: Black Light Photography
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Has anyone done any black light photograpy? I recently saw a program of blacklight shots and suddenly feel the urge to try. So I went out today and bought lamps, blacklight bulbs, back drops and some flourescent paint and props to have a go.

Looking for some pointers before I start?
Ooo... interesting! This is new for me - I haven't heard of black light photography until you mentioned it.

An introduction here:

Apparently it's just photographing UV light -- just like doing IR photography, only a different wave length. You need a UV light source, and also a filter on the camera to filter out visible light.

I found a gallery...

Cool - post pics and let us know how you go! Big Grin
Sounds interesting - the other side of the visible spectrum from IR SmileSmile
I've seen some nice UV shots before, funky.

Report back to us how you go Big Grin
Glad you pulled out the Tim Glass gallery link, Jules. I have been a big fan of his stuff for some time.
I've seen this before but now that I look at it again I'm inspired to give it a go.
That may of started out as blacklight, but it has had a very large dose of photoshop too would be my guess.