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Full Version: New lens - Pentax-M 1:1.7 50mm
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I haven't been shooting much lately...busy with life as usual! But I just managed to snag the above mentioned lens off ebay from a guy just down the road actually! The lens is in fantastic condition and fully manual so it makes me take time to concentrate on how to shoot which can only be a good thing!

Anyway...here is a test photo I took today! Fantastic sharpness and DOF dont'cha think? Big Grin

[Image: Ash01.jpg]
Cool! Nothing like good glass...

Nice portrait by the way! Love the eyes... Big Grin
g'day Muzza,

you nailed the focus nice and sharp..........yup the eyes have it!

you should be happy with the lens..........Cool
stunning eyes Muzza.. just lovely.

And you're absolutely right about the sharpness and DOF... both are beautiful. And lovely classic-looking bokeh.

Is that shot taken at f/1.7 though? I would've thought the DOF was a bit deep for 1.7... Did you stop it down a touch for this shot?
Not that it matters (I'm sure its still lovely at all apertures), I was just curious.
Congrats on your new lens Smile Beautiful picture...
Hey Kombi,

It was shot at 1.7. The greater than expected DOF comes from the digital crop factor. Because I had to step back a bit to get the same shot as film the camera to subject focus distance was larger therefore giving the slightly larger DOF. I think! Smile

I need to get this lens on the film body for a play! Smile