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Full Version: Great Pictures You Missed.
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Driving home this evening on the M3 (Motorway in Southern England) I was stunned by the sunset.

It was so beautiful - like a giant blood red saucer balanced on the edge of the horizon.

I had my camera in the boot and the traffic was stop/start.

So frustrating - I even considered for a second jumping out and getting my camera so I would be ready.

But by the time I could get off the Motorway the sun had almost vanished.

I haven't seen such a dramatic sunset in years - I spoke to the wife on the phone and she said "Don't worry - there'll be plenty more"

I still feel sick at missing such a great opportunity.

What's your story of any shots you missed?

* We can all have a virtual hug later * ;-D
Aww... my condolences... Sad

I have heaps of these "missed shots" too. The most recent was when I was driving down to the Mornington Peninsular on the weekend (to the beach), and it was around 7.30 in the morning. The early sunlight was absolutlely beautiful, and we were passing some vineyards with rows and rows of grape vines. And guess what? I forgot to bring my camera! :o I probably wouldn't have stopped anyway, as we had to be at our destination by a certain time...

Another one I always lament is when I'm driving over the west gate bridge, which gives spectacular views of Melbourne city on one side, and the bay and ocean on the other. Unfortunately, there's a no-stopping and no-pedestrians policy on the bridge... Sad
hhmmmm, missed pictures ? it seems that when i take a picture that i miss them LOL.

i dont see how you guys can carry you camera with you all the time . dont they get too hot ?

anyways i wanted to add that there is a bunch of shots that i wind up missing 'cuz i dont bring my camera with me to work and i feal your pain .