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Full Version: 20d or d70
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Hello people,

I am about to buy a new camera, read tons of specs and reviews and narrowed my search down to either the Nikon D70 or the Canon 20D.
I have not used either camera and it is really dificult to choose!

From what I have read the Nikon has 3 big problems (for me):
1) Moiré
2) auto focus
3) Not good with Telelens?

And the Canon's major 2 problems
1) Menu's are hard to read in sunlight
2) Settings such as whitebalance are only adjustable by going through menu's rather than direct through buttons/dials

The Nikon is attractive because of it's price, yet the Canon seems a superior camera. I want the best camera and don't mind paying more for the Canon if it's worth it. I will be using this camera for all round stuff, landscapes portraits, city scapes and buildings, etc etc.

They both make great pictures and I really wonder how bad the auto focus of the Nikon is, and how bad the menu-driven whitebalance adjustments are on the Canon.

Can anyone shed a light on these camera's and their problems?

Many thanks in advance
You have been reading too many comments at dpreview, I think. Both the D70 and 20D are exceptional cameras, and you wil be delighted with either.

Sorry to not be more nitpicky... Wink
G'day... I think they're both very capable cameras... don't forget to do some research into the lens systems as well and what you'll invest in in future...
White balance on the 20D is a button on the top of the camera - couldn't be easier. As for the menus - they seem readable enough to me. How often do you need the menu?

Both cameras are great - persoanlly I would reccomend the 20D - but you may want to wait a little while as Canon are highly likely to release a 20D successor very soon.

But you really should hold them both in your hands first and try out the issues for yourself.


Yes 20D successor, another option sigh. They better release it soon as I will be going to Costa Rica in april, with my new camera!