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Full Version: Scientists Create Real 3D holograms
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This is pretty amazing stuff! I can't wait until the day we see a R2 unit projecting the Princess Leia's distress call in 3D.. Big Grin

Quote:The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST, President: Hiroyuki Yoshikawa) and Keio University (President: Yuichiro Anzai), in collaboration with Burton Inc. (CEO: Hideki Kimura), have succeeded in the experimental fabrication of a device displaying "real 3D images" which consist of dot arrays in space where there is nothing but air.

Most of the 3D displays reported until now draw pseudo-3D images on 2D planes by utilizing the human binocular disparity. However, many problems occur, e.g., the limitation of the visual field, and the physiological displeasure due to the misidentification of virtual images.

Imagine if we could see pictures in 3D... how awesome would that be? We'd probably need some sort of 3D recording device though. Yes, there are stereo photographs, but I think 3D might need a bit more than just shots from 2 side by side locations...
We will in time. There is a clock on the market that displays a digital figure in the air. Not on a background but just floating in thin air, or thick air if it's foggy.
Tv and radio was pretty simple when I was a child and look at it now.
My first gramophone was 4ft x 2.5ft x 3ft high. When it got down to picnic basket size the world was agog.
The last 100 years have been inventors paradise.