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Full Version: More Urban Exploring
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Here are a couple of sites I stumbled across and they reminded me of the Urban Exploring thread here so I figured I'd post them! Smile

Daily Photography


There are some awesome shots in both. I think I need to get out exploring!
I used to squat at abandoned places...

haha, well, I mean I'd spend a lot of my time at uni in the old quiet 'dead' areas, until they get refurbished or something, then it gets busy. time to find new places! *explore*
wow.. great links thanks Muzza.

Quality well worth aspiring to. Big Grin
oh yes, I forgot to add (to the end of my previous message)
thanks for the links Big Grin
Far out... I love the "worksongs" gallery! What a gem!

My favourites:



Whoa! I should wait before I post... that gallery from invisible threads is even more amazing!

He has a wonderful eye for detail, making micro portraits of elements in those environments... WOW.

Thanks for the links, muzza!