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Full Version: Trying to get my head around monitor calibrating
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...and it sux

I couldn't install Wiziwyg or whatever its called, because I don't have OS 9 or something, and hubby rolled his eyes at me when I asked him to fix it.
I can choose in the display options Adobe RGB (1998), Apple stuido display, Generic RGB profile or sRGB Profile.
i usually work on jpg's using sRGB.
Selecting the sRGB seems to make my monitor very bright, as I just printed some photos and they looked very dark, contrasty and had a very slight bluish tinge.
You can also select to do your own calibration, should I, using the 'bad' images I printed, use them as I guide, try to calibrate by eye to get the same tones/colours on my monitor? I am so not good with this stuff.
Maybe I should just bite the bullet and actually spend some money on getting some monitor calibration software... it just seems so complicated, urgh. i've been reading through old posts here and they just made me more confuzzled.
If I do decide to pry open my purse, does anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks for listening to my rant Tongue

lol, join the club!!! i was working with a very old crt with colours that were faded and out of focus.

may i ask why apple?

just play around witht he software that you have installed, if you are not going to make money and your colours are ok but not 100% maybe you should wait. but if you have the money maybe you should get a http://www.colorvision.com/profis/profis...jsp?id=361
i was looking at one of those but it is not a priority at the moment.

take care

Hey Schell I share in your pain...

Kombi started a really informative thread a while back...

I hand calibrated my monitor by printing out a picture, then adjusting the screen until it looked close. OF course if your printer profile is wrong, then you are still not gonna get what you want.

Then last Christmas I got a Spyder2 Pro, even though I was previously satisfied with my prints, the difference was amazing. It also lets you generate a printer profile to.

Well worth the money in my mind.

At $89 US retail, and lower prices reported online, the Huey is an attractive alternative to professional calibration tools.
It also will adjust brightness in real-time to match room lighting conditions.

I don't have one, and am still waiting for first-hand reports on how well it works, but it might be what you need.
byrt_001 Wrote:hi

may i ask why apple?
LOL because it was $400!!
bargin! The LCD monitor we got with it retails at $400 and it has a dual processor (husband tells me this is good) I think its called a G8 or something. Its been a tough transition for me, but i'm getting used to it, even starting to like it Tongue

Yes, the huey is looking pretty good, I'm hoping I will get it to a more acceptable level by eye, but hopefully mothersday/birthday/christmas will come along soon
KeithAlanK Wrote:I don't have one, and am still waiting for first-hand reports on how well it works, but it might be what you need.
Found one!


Quote:Impressions: I have used it to adjust my 20" iMac, my 12" iBook, and my aging PC (cheap (for norwegian values thereof) 19" LCD). All screens are corrected to a somewhat warmer profile, the contrast is quite a bit better after calibration, and so is the basic black.
I know it makes a dent in your wallet, but hardware calibration tools like gretag-macbeth eyeone display II (wich i use) or spyder pro makes your life alot easier.

its really worth it.

As for converting to apple, i did it aswell early this year. I must say im very pleased with the transition.

/Paul L.