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Full Version: So what does 500mm look like?
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Two poor images with the Bigma.

First at 50mm (Handheld so not that sharp)
[Image: 50mm.jpg]

2nd at 500mm (shaky hand held again)
[Image: 500mm.jpg]
Is #2 the competition across the street, Craig?
LOL, Yep. We've been there 14 years, they opened 2 years ago. We outsell them 2:1 most months. That sign is about 300 yards away.

As you can see, we can see the competition even on a rainy day Big Grin
EnglishBob Wrote:Two poor images with the Bigma.
You'll have a lot of fun with the Bigma. Big Grin

I have the 170-500, which is as large and heavy as I can manage. Here's a couple of recent shots from it. the Black headed Gull was shot at 170mm and the Redpoll was at 500mm. I was using a Manfrotto 222 grip action ball head for the Gull shot. I'm not steady enough on my feet to handhold the lens for birds in flight.

[Image: BH_st.jpg]

and the Redpoll at 500mm (also with tripod-mounted lens)

[Image: Redpoll_st.jpg]

woah! 500mm is COOL Smile

You can spy on your opposition like this... haha Big Grin and see them looking back at you with a 1200 f/5.6L Tongue
looks good EB I can see you having some fun with that!

nice captures Polly