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Full Version: WTB: BG-E1 for 300D
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PM me if you have one for sale.

I went around searching for one in the shops when I was in Singapore, none stocked them and they said it was about SGD$210, then I checked EBAY, and found this seller ggch selling it for $125!!!!
So I contacted them, and found out it was the shop Gerry Gibbs camera house, or something like that, in Cannington, selling for $125!!! so cheap :O
So I went there and bought, but the guy serving me, didn't know about the *special*, he wanted me to pay the full price, then I told him the price, he went to check with the other guy and then I got it for $125 Smile

This was at the beginning of January, i dont know if they have any at that price, it seemed like they were trying to get rid of them....

It's a good addon! Camera feels so much nicer to hold now.

I think my friend may be selling his, but he's selling his whole kit... 300D + BG-E1 + 200 f/2.8L + 1.4x extender + 550EX + sigma 18-125 and some other things, i dont know if he'll sell separately, I think he'll prefer to sell the grip with the 300D, but I can check for you Smile
Cheers for that info mate, i will call gibbs next week and see what they have.