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Full Version: Books on Photography
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I need all the help I can get and I borrowed 'Photography Hints & Tips' by Michael Busselle from our local library, found it full of good tips and am thinking of buying a couple of his books. Any other books I should consider?
How to do everything with your digital camera by Dave Johnson was the book that has helped me the most of any I have read. Covers DoF, Focusing, composition etc as well as editing etc.
G'day Pat, there is a book I see recommended in forums called "Understanding Exposure" (I think) I hope someone will help me out here with the author. I have not read it myself but its one I have been on the look out for. By all accounts it is said to be very good.

I absolutely loved the Lonely Planet Guide to Travel Photography - some awesome insights if you've got that sort of interest.
My favourite photography book is the "National Geographic Photography Field Guide." It's well-written, very readable, and covers the basics all the way through advanced hands-on advice. I have many different books, most of which cover the same ground, but this is the one I keep handy.
Thanks for those - am checking them out at Amazon, the National Geographic looks good.
I've also heard that understanding exposure is supposed to be very good, haven't read it myself either
Photography Book for Advanced Amateurs

Apologies for the shamless plug.....you did ask....Wink