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Full Version: Erase all or Format?
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Hey I'm just wondering whether there's any difference to erasing all images on a memory card, or formatting it?

I know on PCs erasing just means that you flag a file as deleted - the bytes of data are still there. As time goes on, the data gets fragmented and data access times get slower... Wonder whether it's the same with memory cards? Or is it a different ball game?

Perhaps a format once in while wouldn't hurt?
When I erase something - I want it gone forever - no ghosts - no lingering bits. I use format - it only takes a second with a memeory card.
I delete images from the card (with the computer) after I have transferred them over, and then when I reinsert the card I format it.

Overkill perhaps but I am assured of a clean card each time.
I use the format function, purely because it takes up very little time compared to using my slow computer. Tongue
Most times I just delete images with the download utility that I use. Some times I format the card as it removes images much faster. I also read that formatting to fat32 was better.
I always format my cards, its too slow just erasing them all and I can't see any point.
Having a 4G hitachi has spoiled me. I haven't formatted in five months! Oh, that's probably bad for it, I guess...

I think having a Nikon has spoiled you, now you can't use a proper camera like a Canon Big Grin

Hmm so since Hitachi has all the drives of IBM now I assume the old microdrives they came out with are now the Hitachi ones?
What is the difference between formatting and erasing all images?
I find formatting a lot faster, why the speed difference if it ends up in the same state (without images).

Possibilities? that erase all goes through each picture deleteing whereas format just wipes everything off? I don't know, why why why Smile

Maybe it's time to go home!
Most importantly, Formatting competely deletes everything, (duh) but as you may already know but not need a refresher, "delete all" does not delete the images that you've "locked", which can come in handy now and then. That's the most important difference, to me...

Actually, having a nikon has spoiled me, I guess. I went to the company demos at Brooks the other day, and while most notably i did get to play with an F5 and a VR lens, for the life of me I couldn't figure out why they design canon bodies they way they do. (giggles)

Also, if you accidentally delete all images, you stand a better chance of recovery (so the theory goes) via specialised software, etc., as opposed to formatting.
I ususally just Erase all (a lot quicker to access in the menus) and I (as matthew saville stated) sometimes write protect (lock) pictueres that I don't want deleted, so it is good =)
Formatt way way fasterr ..