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Full Version: What's for Christmas Lunch/Dinner
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What's everyone looking forward to eating Christmas Day? I gave up cooking turkey & pudding when my mother passed on and my lot prefer seafood, so Christmas Eve at 7am will be down at the oyster farm buying oysters, prawns and lobster - one of the advantages of living by the sea. Also on the menu will be turkey & ham, the sort provided and cooked so thoughtfully by Woolworths. Our desert will be trifle with cream/icecream. It's great not to be slaving over a hot stove and I can relax and enjoy my family. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all Big Grin
Hi Pat, I don't know what on the menu yet but I am taking the family up the coast to spend Xmas with mum and dad.

I would have a guess and say that seafood is on the menu........(I hope)

hope its a great day for you and your family........all the best to the rest of the ST crew too