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Full Version: I'm Today's DPOTD @ Steve's Digicams
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My photo "Waitiing To Cross Over" is today's Digital Photo Of The Day at Steve's Digicams (This link will expire when tomorrow's winner is posted)

It's an honor, and also means a 1 in 31 chance at winning a Samsung/Pentax DSLR with a 50-200mm Schneider-Kreuznach zoom.
I'm very excited!
And to think, I was angry when the man walked into my shot.

[Image: kak.dpotd.jpg]
WOW very cool, i know you must be proud ,

The man that wanted to know the time didnt know he was helping you more than you were helping him LOL . Great job.

........ Shawn
Excellent! This is a great shot and deserves the honor.
Congrats Keith, it is one hell of a shot and deserves the honour! Wink
Congratulations - and well deserved. I have my fingers crossed for you for the prize.

You should save a really good photo for February -- the odds are better. Big Grin
Wow Keith that's just the coolest photo.
Good luck
Congratulations Keith! It sure is an honor to be published. I knew that image was a great one.
Thanks, my friends.

After being a twice-weekly visitor to Steve's for several years, I finally decided to send in an entry for the contest this month.
He receives hundreds of photos every month and picks his favorites, and the prizes are the actual cameras that he gets from the manufacturers to test.
My girlfriend is hoping for 2nd place so she can have the digicam.
I don't really think I'll win anything, but it sure is fun dreaming about it.
Wahey! Congratulations and well done! Big Grin

It's a cracking shot, very memorable so fingers crossed you'll win a prize too. It certainly deserves the accolade imho. Cool

Hey - fantastic Keith. I think you have a good chance of winning as it is such a unique shot.Smile
Great shot! Well done!
I hope you win the DSLR Wink
The ghostly man certainly makes the image a lot more interesting!
Great capture. CongratsSmile
Thats awesome Keith. Hope you get the prize. It would make a nice Christmas gift. Great shot as well.
Great stuff Keith - you deserve it! My fingers are crossed for you to win the prize!Smile
I have been looking at Steve's Digicams Photos of the Day.You have a real strong entry. Good luck.
Good Luck Keith...!! Smile You deserve that price.

Your picture is great... Congratulations!!
Congratulations indeed. Great photo.
Thanks again for all of your kind words and support.
It really meant a lot to me!!

Unfortunately, the results are posted and I didn't win anything.
After finally looking at all of the entries, I felt that I had a fair chance seeing as how my photo "pushed the envelope" a little.
I get the impression that the judging favors sentimentality, which isn't what my photography is usually about.

Maybe next time I'll borrow some cute kid and put them in a scenic setting with a nice dog or cat.
Here's the prize-winning photos: DPOTD Winners For December

Still, I feel pretty good because this photo just won a monthly contest at my train forum.
That makes 4 times it has been honored in some way, but reading the comments you people have made is the greatest prize of all and I thank you for that.
Happy New Year.
Hi KeithAlank
The winners were ok but what you did and how you did it with your photo took a lot more skill
I'm happy to hear it's being appreciated else where.
Sorry to hear that Keith, but your photo definitely stands up on its own merits, and doesn't need any prizes to show its worth... Big Grin
I agree with the others , this shot stands out on its own. Its one of my favorite shots that you have posted .This is an outstanding photo and something to be very proud of .

...... Shawn