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Full Version: Is this a scam ?
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Well the other day i entered a photo in a contest just to see what it would do . Then last night i recieved a e-mail from them . I have no idea on what to do . They want me to send them money for the book that they are putting my shot in and i am not sure if its the real deal . If it is then HELL YA i am sending them money . if not then i dont want my shot to be even near what they are doing LOL .

Here is part of the e-mail that i got . the rest is how to order the book and all that stuff .

Quote:Dear Shawn Taylor,

On behalf of the editing team here at Photography Laureates, we would like to congratulate you for being selected for publication as part of our highly acclaimed photography anthology. As such, you are a finalist for the $6500 prize. As a laureate and talented photographer, you will have access to several networking opportunities aimed at exposing you to the photography community.
Your photograph was selected out of hundreds of competing entries and you will be published along with other talented photographers. Kyrta Reeve and John Warton, our 2 editors, have reviewed your photograph Rosey Reflections and have selected it for its light mix and general composition.

Please click the link below to view the photograph selected.

As a contest finalist and for a limited time, enjoy the anthology in which your photograph is published for only $59 (please note that the regular price is $69). Please note that this offer expires on Jan-11-2007 (or until stocks expire). The next contest will in November 2006
Please Help me LOL ........ Shawn
One shuttertalker got something similar but I don't remember who was... so I can't find the post...

I would suggest you wait and see if someone else remember who got a similar mail... still you have until Jan 11 to send your money...
Thanks Irma,

I just googled one of the editors and found out that there are alot of these e-mails going out so i think i will just leave it alone . My first thought was scam and now after reading a few things i think i will just leave it alone ....Bummer i thought i had somthing going on Sad

...... Shawn
good idea to leave it alone BD, I remember seeing this before too.......I think it might have been Shane (hmmm not sure)
This is very well written and I would also be tempted by it... until I found pages of warnings on google, including this breakdown of the costs:

Here are the known companies that are all the same organisation that run these ‘contests’ both in photography and poetry:

International Library of Photography (ILP)
The International Library of Poetry
International Poetry Hall of Fame
International Society of Poets
Photography Laureates
National Library of Poetry
International Poetry Hall of Fame
Watermark Press
International Lib
Pegasus Press
International Society of Photography
Arts and Kids

And here is a breakdown of the contest costs involved after you submit your free entry:

To have your picture printed in one of their monthly showcase books (actually little more than a brochure) will cost you: $60-70. Ordinarily this print appears at about the same size as the thumbnails you see here on this site.

If you want any bio information adding to your picture in the book this will cost you an extra $40.

After you go through all that process you will then be invited to one of their regular prize giving conferences – usually in Vegas – to collect your ‘Outstanding Achievement in Photography Silver Award Bowl’ prize, a glorified spittoon that is supposedly cast in silver and valued at $200 but when independent consumer researchers in California tested it, it’s combined value of materials and manufacturing was actually closer to $5. Everyone who attends the conference gets one regardless of their achievement, outstanding or otherwise.

You have to make your own way to the conference of course as well pay as for your accommodation but to actually get through the conference doors and get a seat will set you back a staggering $600 plus an additional $300 for any guest you drag along with you.

If you feel you are unable to attend the conference they will post your five dollar spittoon to you. For a fee of $169. really.

If you have been brave/stupid enough to do all that – you will also be charged annual membership to the club for $70 a year.

So in total if you were to submit a work, buy a book for yourself and one for your family as a gift, attend the conference and pick up your prize – including a couple of nights stay in the hotel, and sign up for membership you’d be looking at the thick end of $2,000 – just to see a thumbnail of your picture in a pamphlet with your name next to it.

These companies do hand out $30,000 a year in grand ‘prizes’ but this I suspect is to avoid prosecution and you have to take that in context of the vast amounts of money they generate out of all the other entries – it was reported last year that they were making $70,000 a month in ‘book’ sales alone.

So please don’t fall for this crap or try and promote it on these forums as anything other than what it is – a money making machine that has little or no legitimacy as a contest at all.
Thanks Yall ,
There is no need to be sorry , i had some resevations , this is why i asked before sending any money.
I think the thind that makes me so mad is , there are so many photogs like me that want to " recognized " ( sp ) for there work , and they do this stupid #^&*. The thing is there are prob a lot of people that just send money and dont even think about it ,

Thanks for all the help ........ Shawn

PS . i know i have said it before but i cant thank yall enough for all the help with everything ..
Banded Drake Wrote:I think the thind that makes me so mad is , there are so many photogs like me that want to " recognized " for there work ,.
Of course, who doesn't? That's what makes these things so insidious (sp). They are preying on just that wish to be recognized. Kind of makes me despair...
I'm told they actually do print a book but your photo is a tiny and poorly reproduced thing, like a portrait in a yearbook.